NFT News Weekly Update, July 29 2021

Trevor & Alyssa @ Never Engine
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Welcome to the weekly NFT News Update! Created & presented by your hosts, Scott Chestnut, TYLR withspaces, and Kate Fear (Trevor, Tyler, & Alyssa!)

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NFT-MAKER.IO recently released their Pro service. It’s a B2B product designed for large-scale NFT collections, for companies, for integration into dApps and much more. Their API is versatile and available for use with no up front fees.

They eventually plan to use NFT-MAKER PRO to build a decentralized NFT marketplace. We can expect regular updates to the tool, including decentralized auctions & a while-label shop solution (like Shopify for NFTs).

Do note that to use NFT-MAKER PRO to its full extent you’ll need some technical knowledge, specifically about how to implement & use APIs.

In-depth explainer video by Patrick, the founder of NFT-MAKER

The Inagural Artano Auction (LINK)

Arta is Artano’s governance token. It will be rewarded to artists, curators and collectors who participate in the platform. These tokens will be distributed to the buyer and seller of each auction or sale. The amount of Arta rewarded will be determined by the sale price of the NFT. If a piece sells for 100₳, both parties will receive 100 Arta.

These tokens have a few utilities, but two major ones will allow users to vote on decisions for the platform, for example, voting for council members every 6 months. The second major utility is that in the future, collectors will be able to purchase NFTs on the platform using Arta.

For the Artano opening auction, everyone who bids will receive 50 Arta, and the winning bidder and artist (seller) will receive twice the amount of Arta of the final ADA bid.

Cardano NFT x Creators Program

The Cardano NFT Discord Server (LINK) is taking escrow tokens to the next level with their Cardano NFT x Creators Program. It’s a raffle and the prizes are CNFTs donated by artists. Anyone who uses their escrow service for a trade worth at least 20 Ada will automatically be entered to win! Prizes are given out on a weekly basis. (LINK)

Things are starting to pop over on The world we love is changing and evolving!

The CNFT.IO platform went live on Monday. It’s a website where you can buy and sell Cardano NFTs with ease. The community has flocked to it, listing hundreds of CNFTs in just a few days. Now I’d like to welcome Professor Cardano from the CNFT.IO team.

Nami Wallet (LINK)

The newly released Nami Wallet allows to mint NFTs right in your wallet

Our News Team demonstrated this functionality LIVE on air to the delight of all. Seven copies of The Chestnut were minted, and one was given away during the show to a lucky viewer.

Tune in next Thursday for your chance to win an exclusive CNFT — we’re giving away one every show!

Scott Chestnut says “Check your Policy IDs!”

(Check project Discords for policy ids or watch this episode where you can see it happen in action!)

Watch the Policy ID segment here

Cardano News

Cardano 360 (LINK)

July’s episode of Cardano 360 was a whirlwind of facts and faces, there are so many cool folks working in the Cardano Space and every 360 our News Team watches introduces them to something new and interesting!

#ProjectCatalyst celebrates 30k members! | Participants come from 169 countries | 930 ideas submitted in the last 3 funds | 90 projects funded & developing

SundaeSwap (LINK)

SundaeSwap is an in-progress decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain.
They’ve added Dewayne Cameron of Liqwid finance and indigo protocol to their board of advisors to work toward a truly integrated defi ecosystem

They’ve also completed the first on-chain swap using their SundaeSwap contracts!

Stoner Cats (LINK)

A series of animated shorts from Mila Kunis, Stoner Cats, sold out their NFT drop in 35 minutes. That’s 10,420 NFTs for 0.35 ETH each, for a total of 3,647 ETH or $8.4 million. Of course, being ETH tokens, 345 ETH was lost due to failed transactions, which is about 9% of the total ETH raised, amounting to a loss of $800,000.

The show is voiced by numerous celebrities, including Kunis herself, Ashton Kutcher, Jane Fonda, Seth MacFarlane, Chris Rock, and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Mercury (LINK) (feat. Adam Dean)

“Simple, reliable plugin to accept Cardano (Ada) payments for goods and services in WooCommerce.”

#Cardano #Mercury is now live and open-source on GitHub in Version 1.0 Beta! Accept $Ada payments in your #WooCommerce store and run wild. Simple, clean code, no middle man or fees; just unlocked e-commerce.


Ludo means play in latin. Ludotoken will be a great library and resource for people to start creating more games on Cardano. It could make Cardano THE place to design games!


Isometrics Puzzle

Isometrics has extended their puzzle giveaway — it should be live for the rest of the day at least. There are 6 numbers. One is the rarest and you can combine 2-tile puzzles or 4 puzzle pieces. and it’ll be live for 48 hours from the start time or until the giveaway machine is empty!

Project Links - Twitter

PlayerMint Town Hall

What is PlayerMint?? Find out at their townhall their first Town Hall stream this Sunday at 17h00 UTC! They will be dropping some juicy details on the project.

Watch on their youtube channel:

Project Links - Twitter

Cardano Community D&D

New players welcome!

Trevor and Alyssa from Never Engine are hosting a bi-monthly drop in D&D campaign for members of the Cardano NFT community. This is NOT a streamed event!

PLUS anyone who plays at least one session will receive this airdropped CNFT campaign attendance token!!

Takes place in the Never Engine Discord & on Roll20.

Hot Topics & Updates

Lovelace Saga

Dev updates are beginning for Lovelace Saga. Reiko told us she was working on it with them which got us even more excited and she sent us this juicy new dev video.

Project Links — Twitter

Atomic Heroes

Atomic heroes is introducing a new site with leaderboard and place to view your nfts. They are also releasing their first story based nfts. Atomic Heroes collection is in the works. Release date will be soon. He’s dev a TCG game. Also they’re planning another atomicon!

Project Links Twitter | Website

Charitable Donations by CNFT projects

Claymates has donated more than $15,000 dollars to charity. We think its awesome when projects give a portion, and we want to start highlighting them.

In that same vein, the Cardano Mythos Collection has raised more than 3,000 Ada for the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights in New Orleans. They are donating 20% of each sale!

Crypties Season 2 in sight!

More info to come!

Project Links  Mighty Network | Twitter | Website

Digital Faces with Mortals (LINK)

Watch Here

With / Faces and Digital Mortal had their first crossover show: Digital Faces with Mortals! Featuring Charles Gitnick and these very exciting and unexpected promo cards!! Buy them here.

Springboard Discord Server (LINK)

Fettuccine and ChadiNassar have started a server called Springboard which is a collective to help Springbo₳rd smaller artists into Cardano NFT notoriety. They assist with minting, distribution, and marketing for their artwork. All the artists have to do is create and/or collect!

Contests and Giveaways

Mighty Network giveaways

Current Lineup is Hoskinsons and Fahadouken Promo.

Herkimer will wrap up the first #mightymonth and many more giveaways upcoming!


SushiBytes sale is now on pause. They won’t go back on sale until smart contracts are live and integrated on Cardano. The unsold bytes were minted and will be held for sale at a later date.
Last week of clan giveaways for sushi bytes and its a 500 ada prize babeee

Project Links - Mighty Network | Twitter | Website

Drop It Like It’s Hot!

Upcoming drops & ongoing sales

Fernando Torello

Dropped July 27 | 32 ADA | Chromatic Collection Icarus stamps
Fernando Torelli | NFT’s Studio @regulaversoNFTs


Project Links Twitter | Website

Beyond Rockets Village

Drops July 31st | 50 Ada | 400 Pieces w Rarity Spread | 10 Unique Designs

This one is likely to Sure to sell out fast, so set your alarms!

Project Links Mighty Network | Twitter | Website


Sale is Live! | 100 Ada | 88 Pieces with Rarity Spread

Project Links Twitter | Website


Drops Saturday, July 31st at 21h00 UTC | 200+ Ada | 1500 Unique Pieces with Rarity Spread

Price increases by 25 Ada for each 100 sold

Video —

Project Links Twitter | Website

Joseph Miranda

Sunset Miami Auction 1/1 starting at 4pm UTC July 29, 2021
Link To Tweet

Project Links Twitter | Website

aeonium Plasma Lamps

Drops Sunday, August 1st at 22h00 UTC | 50 Ada | 202 Pieces | 5 Golden EGGS

Project Links - Mighty Network | Twitter | Website


Sale is LIVE | 15 Ada | 10,000 Unique Pieces with Rarity Spread

Pokemon-esque, game on roadmap

Rarity info —

Project Links Twitter | Website

Mythos Collection Drop Ending on July 8th (LINK)

The remaining Mythos cards will NOT be minted out, so this is your last chance to buy these CNFTs from Never Engine.

Project Links - Twitter | Website

Charles Collection

Never Engine’s Charles Mythos set sold out in just over three hours! Huge thank you to the CNFT community for your support ♥

Projects To Watch

We have our eye on these up and coming projects & we think you should too!


“Belgium based artist, creating cool shit for over 20 years now”

This piece just sold at auction for 841 Ada!

Project Links Twitter | Website

Cardano Caricatures

Project Links Twitter | Website

Thanks for reading! Comment below with your thoughts on any of these happenings & on our News show / this post :)

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