NFT News Update, September 2nd, 2021

Welcome to the weekly NFT News Update! We’re your hosts, Scott Chestnut, Summer Horsgrave, and TYLRwithspaces. Special guests today are Professor Cardano and Vledic of Drunken Dragons! We’re putting it all into the CNFT pot and its heating up to be a spicy, hot show.

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11 min readSep 3, 2021
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“The best place for news in the best place on earth”


This has been a wacky, wild, windblown week. The week of the hurricane AND a week of a hurricane of GROWTH here at Cardano! And to think, it’s only the beginning! Luckily Mr Pistachio posted Scott and Summer up at a hotel, and hopefully they’ll get to go home soon. In the meantime, there’s tons of fun to talk about. In the next weeks there will be many amazing changes to the show and we are so excited to have you here with us. Rock on!


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First we’ll talk to:

CNFT.IO — Professor Cardano

CNFT Tokens

Site’s down at the moment

Building knowledge base and a support program

Project profile pages

and more!

A few minutes later, our second guest will be:

Drunken Dragons

Sold out their Grand Master Adventurer and Pixel Tiles

Which means the beginning of scaling up the team and starting new dev

and more!


[What the heck is going on in CNFTs?]


Tyler will be testing out NFT Maker for one of his projects on the show next week.

NFT-MAKER is working on a best-practice guide for NFT drops using NFT-MAKER PRO The TLDR; includes: — Put Cloudflare in front of your website — Put a captcha in front of the BUY button — Use our API in the backend, never expose the API Key to the frontend — Limit requests from IP


How To Say Domagoj —

Original Tweet —

New Version —

An iNFT from the opening Artano Auction that hasnt changed since the auction has finally changed. This piece titled “A Step Towards Infinity” and it was created by Domagoj Bogdan (@domagoyb on Twitter). I believe this is the final form this piece will take.

Another iNFT that has finally changed is Meet R.T.A. Up to today he was only showing the artano logo (it changed every day to a different glitched version but has stayed as the cardano logo). Well today is the first transition day for Meet RTA and he is showing the Cardano/ Artano mix in anticipation for 36 days of the Cardano Logo! After that it will change to the withspaces logo and loop back to Artano after that.

Also in Artano News, they will soon open up the applications for artists wanting to use the platform. If you are an artist who is interested, keep an eye on Artano’s socials.

Patrick Tobler of NFT-MAKER PRO became a Hoskinson!

We think its v exciting that friend of the show Patrick Tobier got a Hoskinson made of him!

Cardano Waifus sold out immediately. Things have generally been blowing up like crazy with project floors rising all over the place.

Cardano Bits are now becoming as historical as CryptoPunks!

Pretty crazy that we are now having projects talking bout the history of Cardano CNFTs. It feels like things are really happening and more and more people are noticing. So insane that its only the beginning. (LINK)

We’ve all been noticing the lag on recently, and its been a bit of a blessing and a curse. The lag is unfortunate but it’s a sign that more people are entering the space/ buying and selling CNFTs. We know the people at are working their butts off!

Nami Wallet (LINK)

Tweet —

NAMI wallet is now integrated with Now it is super simple to connect your NAMI wallet to This makes it much easier to view your nami wallet from within

Check Policy IDs



(lots of new people in the space so we should mention this)

Guest Professor Cardano comes on here!

CNFT Tokens, Database Upgrade, Support AND MORE!

Cardano News

[What the heck is going on with Cardano? Let’s check it out]

Smart Contracts

ON TRACK FOR SEPT 12. Hitting that deadline should really keep things spicy in our professional news opinion


First in-game achievement minted on any blockchain! (this selfie belongs to @ADAplanet_io on Twitter)

Now you can go to and check out the Ludotoken page to see all of the demos there — plus you can contact andrew @cryptoknitties if you’re a game developer and want to get involved. The Ludotoken game design competition will be beginning very soon and will take place over a series of weeks. Ludo means play so don’t forget to get out there and PLAY!

I just love seeing all the knitties running around that I get to see these days. Gives me knittieflies in my stomach!

Knitties alpha has taken place! In game achievement minting has happened and we’ve heard its the first on any blockchain!
Here’s an in game selfie that adam and his nephew live minted together in Unity
We’re definitely going to be sharing more of these and all of the new amazing things that happen each week

Cardano Growth

Crazy to see all the growth that is happening!

Staking Stats


[Events are things other than straight drops. But an event can include a drop]

Cardano Over Coffee

Cardano Over Coffee is a daily twitter space hosted by @HEROsPool (and others when Hero isn’t available) everyday at 9:30 to 11:30 EST and another show usually later in the evening. It is similar to Epochs End where its an open discussions about all things cardano and everyone is welcome to join and talk or just listen. Its a great time and its hard to leave those spaces without learning something new about cardano.

Cardania Marble Races on Fridays

Twitter Spaces hosted by Ben and Len from IOHK twitter spaces on Fridays (once a week they are nft focused!, the rest is general Cardano focus)

Epoch’s End Podcast

Cardano Space Alonzo Upload Party

Cardano Community D&D — drop in game

Trevor and Alyssa from Never Engine are hosting a bi-monthly drop in D&D campaign for members of the Cardano NFT community. This is NOT a streamed event! All fun!! We like to be on cam but its definitely fine/common for as many players as don’t want to be shown to only be on voicechat. New players are welcome & anyone who plays at least one session will receive an airdropped campaign attendance token CNFT. These happen on every other Sundays and require no commitments or characters made in advance! The system is old school dnd (Lamentations of the Flame Princess) and the vibes are Topsy Turvy wonderland/a module called The Stygian Garden of Abelia Prim/homebrew stuff PLUS some player storytelling collaboration
Pictured is a snip of the animated attendance token!

Hot Topics

[What’s got the community in a buzz?]

CNFT Recreations

Fett’s Tweet —

by twitter artist @maybinnn
Artist -
On Tuesday, Fettuccine (@fettuccineNFT on Twitter) Tweeted out some artist renditions of his CardanoBits. They were created by an artist named @maybinnn. He is offering it as a service to anyone who would like to have 3D recreations of their CardanoBits. The service does costs 150 ADA so it might not be for everyone, but we have seen a few others out there so there is definitely some demand!

The Space Is Growing!

The CNFT community has been growing much faster than we expected. Collections are selling out faster than ever before, floors are higher than ever before and ADA is higher than ever before. I’ve been joining a lot of twitter spaces recently and its interesting how often the topic of CNFTs come up, its almost every twitter space I think. Interest is really growing, which is exciting!

Contests and Giveaways

Twitter Giveaways Dont Work? (if they have more than 100 Retweets)

This is a PSA to creators. After doing some research, it has come to our attention that twitter giveaways don’t work as expected. Because of a limitation set in Twitter AIP it is impossible to get more than 100 retweets from a tweet, the best any system can do is the last 100 retweets. Even the paid platforms that I found are limited by this.

The second best solution that we know of right now is Discord Giveaways by using bots such as the “Giveaway Bot” ( As far as we know there is no limit to the amount of people who can enter these giveaways.

If there are any other solutions, we’d love to hear them! Let us know and we can share it with the community.

Drop It Like It’s Hot!

[Upcoming drops & ongoing sales.]

CryptoKnitties Drop

AR Video —

Knitties Season 2 dropped earlier today and sold out very quickly! There were 250 pieces total. One interesting thing about this drop is that all of the pieces have an Augmented Reality feature built right into the NFT and can be accessed using!

Backwards Geometry x Cardano Robin
Link To Video —

Backwards Geometry and Cardano Rabin have collaborated on a set of stamps. They will drop on Friday September 3rd (tomorrow) and there will be 50 pieces in the set and priced at 50 ADA each.

Cardano Robin may also have a drop that happened yesterday based on
September 1, 1500UTC


New monsters with amazing stats and power-ups are being released every week for ONLY 12 ADA. Amazing artist and project. Summer and Scott have Koipon and Billandar and Ted and are in love!


Link —

Pricing —

Website —

Cardacity will be dropping 5,000 more of their NFTs this sunday. This is a project similar to cryptomayer in that there is a token for each city on earth. There are a few differences though, for example the tokens give out are at random rather than by choice with Crypto Mayer. Another difference is that they seem to be very incorporating lots of trading between holders. Its a pretty interesting idea especially since they are distributed at random.

We have absolutely no news on Cardano City :D

They are set to announce launch on September 5th, and it will be interesting to see what happens! I think we are all psyched about the possibilities


dropped today sept 2nd at 1am PST. Don’t miss out on a chance to own real estate among all the wonderful folks in this community. We can’t wait to see the evolution through the ADA-ages.

Red arrow points to HOSpringfield!

Speaking of CardanoSpace, we now know where the legendary Springfield is from the Simpsons. Or at least, Hospringfield… In Space… But its KINDA the same thing!

NoirGuys — countdown and pics

Dropping in a few hours. Check site to confirm


This party has only one rule — SEXY COSTUMES.

50 ADA

I dig that tagline lolol
I really love how there are SO many costumes. We looooove costumes and I really feel like they don’t get represented out in the world enough. People like to eat interesting foods, but not wear interesting clothes. Anyway, that makes me psyched about this one!


Sat 4th September at 8PM BST/3PM ET

11 species

4444 mints

Cardanime Stories

Sunday, 18pm utc, totall mint number is 65, 5 sre already spread through giveaways and the price of each will be 35 ada. The collection name is “The blind girl” and we have a price for the ultimate collector, the first collector who holds all 10 variations of the paintings gets a free physical canvas of one od the paintings for free

They are giving 10 percent of their earnings to Linda’s foundation (she is the owner of mission-based Maluiin Pool)

Cardano Kidz


Sept 3rd 2pm UTC

Option 1: Buy all 10 Cardano Kidz NFTs for only 400 ADA

Plus a FREE extra special thank you NFT

Or buy one for 40 ada each

Projects To Watch

[See something cool lately? Talk about cool small projects here]

We have our eye on these up and coming projects & we think you should too!

As of this posting, there are 3 hours left in @meepoNFT (on twitter) auction

Meepo is an absolutely amazing artist and I can’t wait to see everything that he does. You don’t to miss these early amazing scoreboard auctions!

Age of Propaganda by MeepoNFT


Sneak Peek —

Roadmap —

PlanetPalz have been selling like crazy the past few days as they work towards integrating the battle mechanics. If anyone is unfamiliar, PlanetPalz is a CNFT collection/ game created by Stale and his brother Athca. In the game you battle your PlanetPalz trading cards against other players. They are currently on stage three of their roadmap and in this stage they will be integrating 1v1 battles, wager matches and the chat system. They have a ton more they plan on adding too down the line such as “Solar System Battles” which are 5 planets vs 5 planets, trading and burning planets for dust, the “””currency””” in the game.

A Mute Observer

An artist named “A Mite Observer” has started to release some work into the CNFT space. They still have a small following but I have a feeling that may change. The artwork they are posting on twitter and on instagram is very beautiful. They go by A_Mute_Observer on Twitter and Instagram.

EmpyreanPop Arcana — Never engine tarot collection dropping Sept 8th featuring several versions of the Knight of cups and eventually covering the entire Major Arcana

Duccs and Portfolios from with spaces. One of the auctions is happening RIGHT now for 24 hours. One of the last auctions.

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