NFT News Update, July 22 2021

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Welcome to the weekly NFT News Update! Created & presented by your hosts, Scott Chestnut, “Two Ties” Tyler, and Kate Fear (Trevor, Tyler, & Alyssa!)

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CNFT Marketplace News

The Cardano NFT Discord Server (LINK)

The Cardano NFT Discord Server has reduced their escrow fees to 2%. They are also offering complimentary NFT tokens! Any escrow ticket of 20 Ada or more earns BOTH parties “a magnificent HydrogenHex Coin”!

The CNFT Discord server (LINK)

The CNFT Discord server is now paying royalties to artists when their CNFTs are traded via their escrow service (what!). MORE INFO here.

They also offer promotional escrow tokens with a much wider variety, but only the party paying the escrow fee receives one. Right now they are the Pink Dino avatar collection :D (Escrow fees are 2.5%)


Mad In Art podcast feat Fahadouken

7pm EST on July 22nd (PASSED) Watch it here!

Accompanying drop of 100 CNFTs with Rarities for 65 $ADA each (SOLD OUT!)

Wolfram LiveMinting

livestream event taking place on July 27th at 1:00 PM CT

What is LiveMinting? Who knows! The article doesn’t explain it v well, but it’s no doubt worth your time to find out by watching the livestream XD

**If you know of any more events (not just drops!) coming up, please let us know!**

Cardano News

Catalyst 5 voting LIVE NOW

$2,125,000 to be distributed
Here’s a great reddit post with all the deets in the Cardano subreddit

If you registered for Fund 5 you can still vote, but if you didn’t register last time you won’t be able to vote until the next round because registration ended a few days ago.

Another fun fact: $31,000,000,000 of Cardano’s 38 bill market cap is currently staked in a pool :D

Alanzo White Hardfork Successful!

Adam Dean writes “The Alonzo White testnet is continuing to progress and is actively under development. We should see the addition of some extra Alonzo White community members in the next week or so. So far, it seems that we’re sticking to the roadmap for Alonzo.

Right now it’s mostly IOG doing internal development.”

Cardano Mercury

It’s a WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugin that enables seamless Cardano payments on WooCommerce which is one of the largest e-commerce platforms by market share and opens up a world of opportunity to the entire Cardano ecosystem by building bridges between cryptocurrency and traditional commerce. Brought to us by the wonderful Adam Dean!

Cardano Developer Portal is now live

Plutus Pioneers has begun
The second cohort is now closed but there will be more later this year that you can sign up for now!

LudoToken by CryptoKnitties and Adam Dean

Project LudoToken proposes that an API that allows game developers to interface with Cardano would be a significant step in the gamification of native tokens on the Cardano blockchain and could position Cardano as the native token platform of choice for game developers. Unity is the game engine primarily used in education and academic research. As such, the LudoToken project will use Unity to place the tools to access and innovate with gamified utility and native tokens into the hands of game devs, academics, educators and students worldwide.

Watch for the coming contest for game designers with BIG ada prizes!

Hot Topics

Now that’s a spicy (faux) meatball!

Duplicate NFTs — Scam or Performance Art?

Starting with the above tweet, a discussion about counterfeit NFTs has swept the CNFT community on Twitter. Here are some relevant tweets:

This is something we should watch out for and it’s important to verify your trades! This community can stay the beacon of awesomeness that it is if we all work together :)

What do you think?? Tell us in the comments :D

Sold Out Hype: Bizarre and Unhealthy or Awesome and Totally Fine?

The above post by the beloved Jennycita calls into question project “sold-out” goals. Does this attitude move the CNFT community closer to the same issues as something like Kickstarter has, where everyone is plastering the number of hours they sold out in on all of their pictures? It’s definitely something to be proud of (and exciting to share!), but how much should we measuring project success by those metrics?

What do you think?? Tell us in the comments :D

Contests and Giveaways

Magical NFT Creative Contest

450 Ada in prizes! Submissions must include a piece of artwork as well as a description of the magical item depicted. The description is as important as the artwork! We want to hear about your magical item’s effects & lore!

Community Artist — Smaller following and no previous CNFT projects Collection Artist — Larger following with previous/ongoing CNFT projects Panel of Judges — Will vote on best overall piece.

Deadline September 2nd

CLICK HERE to join the Creative Contest discord server

CatLoaf Fan Art Contest

“Show us your Cat Loaf fan art! One lucky fan will win their own Cat Loaf!”

Submit by august 6th —

Mighty Network — Giveaways

Still poppin’ off, and likely to so do for the rest of the month!

Charles Mythos Set — Giveaway

CLICK HERE to enter to win this 32/128 CNFT

Drop It Like It’s Hot!

Upcoming drops & ongoing sales

Charles Mythos Set

Dropping Wednesday, July 28th | 35 Ada | 128 Pieces with Rarity Spread

Project Links Mighty Network | Twitter | Website


Dropping on Saturday, July 31st | 200+ Ada | 1500 Unique Pieces with Rarity Spread

Project Links Twitter | Website

The Attack on Vitalik

ON SALE | 15 Ada | 1000 Unique Pieces with Rarity Spread

Project Links Twitter | Website

The Lovelace Saga

Coming Soon…

Project Links Twitter

Sweet Fellas #EditionOne

ON SALE until July 30th | 55 Ada | Open Sale | Chance for a Shirt!

Project Links Mighty Network | Twitter | Website

Digital Futures

ON SALE | 25 Ada | 75 Pieces

Project Links Twitter | Website

Cardania Technocracy Unopened Packs

ON SALE | 25 Ada | Unopened… for now! |

Project Links Mighty Network | Twitter | Website


Blizzeffect had a super limited drop that sold out in less than 2 minutes at 150 Ada each. Just an update and a congrats to Blizz!

Project Links Twitter | Website

Beyond Rockets City

Dropping on Saturday, July 31st at 2 PM UTC | 50 Ada | 400 Pieces with Rarity Spread

Project Links Mighty Network | Twitter | Website

Chibidango Heroes

ON SALE | 25 Ada | 10,000 Pieces with Rarity Spread

Project Links Mighty Network | Twitter | Website

Backwards Geometry & Sacred Collab

Dropping on Sunday, August 1st |

CardanoSpace & Unsig Colab Final Week

Update your CardanoSpace display image by the 27th to claim yours!

Project Links Mighty Network | Twitter | Website

Projects to Watch

We have our eye on these up and coming projects & we think you should too!

Sapiens’ NFT Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt with CNFT treasure chests that turn into clues, weapons, and more! 1111 Ada prize for the winner!

Project Links Twitter

Stigma Trading Cards

Dropping Mid-August | 5,000 Pieces with Rarity Spread

Project Links Twitter | Website


Thanks for reading! Comment below with your thoughts on any of these happenings & on our News show / this post :)

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