NFT News Update, August 5th 2021

Trevor & Alyssa @ Never Engine
10 min readAug 7, 2021


Welcome to the weekly NFT News Update! We’re your hosts, Scott Chestnut, Summer Horsgrav, and Tyler withspaces. Special guests on this weeks show were Tokun and Springboard!

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[What the heck is going on in CNFTs?]


Patrick, the creator of is compiling a list of all Cardano NFT projects! He’s asked the community to tag any and all CNFT projects on his twitter post

Artano (LINK)

Artano has finished their very first round of auctions for their iNFTs!

$ARTA tokens will be distributed to bidders, winners and artists, before Friday the 13th. There will soon be a form on the auction site with instructions on how to claim your $ARTA.

Artano has also announced a new Council member — Nicolas Caridi (aka Fettuccine)!

We talked with Nicolas on the live show! (LINK)

With the recent influx of counterfeit CNFTs, Stale of has created a policy registry where creators can request to register their policies for their project. If YOU have an unregistered project, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get registered!

Nami Wallet (LINK)

Nami Wallet has just released version 1.1.2. To get the update as quickly as possible, simply close and reopen your browser. Nami wallet has passed 1000 downloads on chrome and is maintaining a 5 star rating, great stuff!

Yoroi Wallet (LINK)

Yoroi Wallet will soon unveil a platform for interacting with dApps — Yoroi’s dApp Connector. Interactions between users and blockchain-based dApps on the CARDANO blockchain will require a bridge, precisely what Yoroi’s dApp Connector will provide.

After enabling the dApp Connector, the user will be able to participate in any activities that the dApp permits such as purchasing or selling tokens, gaining access to resources, and much more. Yoroi’s dApp Connector aims to create a seamless connection between Yoroi and the connected dApp.

Check Policy IDs

We believe the burden should not be on the customer to do their research, but since the community is young, we all have to work together. Which is great bc that’s something I hope we’ll always do!

NFT Update youtube shows enter a new season!

New format and the cards will remain available all be under a single 1 year policy

Next season for Digital Mortal and NFT Update starts tomorrow. All shows promos will be available for a full year now that we’re making this switch! Hooray. We at the NFT New Update are very happy about that.


If you are a Game Dev/artist/coder/sound designer/animator etc… and are involved in the CNFT space then please fill out the Ludotoken Survey! And please get in touch with Andrew at Cryptoknitties for a link to the telegram chat,


Tokhun was founded when Cardano introduced Native Asset feature. A group of like minded individuals from technical and creative background got together to create a world class minting and marketplace for NFTs and FTs on the Cardano blockchain.

Their vision is to create a powerful yet easy to use platform that allows anyone to easily mint and trade.

We had a great time chatting with Latheesan and Valentin from Tokhun on the show!

[video player queued up to the segment]

Cardano News

[What the heck is going on with Cardano? Let’s check it out]


As we move closer to smart contracts on Cardano, fund activity is now accelerating.

The cFund is a crypto native hedge fund that employs an early stage venture strategy and invests in innovative tech. Their two objectives are enabling devs to build scalable interoperable and sustainable blockchain based solutions and foster financial inclusion to underserved populations of the world. The ultimate goal is to create a new financial infrastructure for emerging economies. Cfund provides advices to companies wishing to deploy on Cardano’s blockchain

While the cFund, IOG, and the Cardano Foundation all operate independently, they look for opportunities to collaborate. cFund in particular evaluates and provides strategic advice to its portfolio companies wishing to deploy on the Cardano blockchain.

Kate Fear on Location

Now let’s go to Kate Fear who is in the field at the CNFT minting factory. Kate?

[video player queued up to the segment]

I’m sure Kate would have wanted us to sell the rest of her NFTs to support the NFT News Update show. Want one? Just send 21 ada to addr1v85mdynza5xdda2djrzf2w4cqzz3d84fpzfpdl5eswfwwwgapfqcp.

There are only 64 of them, so don’t delay!


Now that that ugliness is behind us, let’s talk about Springboard! It’s a project aimed at supporting new artists & helping them gain a foothold in the CNFT space. We were very excited to welcome Chadi Nassar and Nicolas Caridi to the show!

[video player queued up to the segment]

Counterfeit CNFTs

This past week has seen a rash of counterfeit CNFTs, with copies being made almost immediately in some cases.


[Events are things other than straight drops. But an event can include a drop]

Cardano Summit

It’s going to be the biggest ever! A mix of virtual and live events from around the world over two days. The whole world is invited. And it’s free. Simply register at this link

Cardano Community D&D

Trevor and Alyssa from Never Engine are hosting a bi-monthly drop in D&D campaign for members of the Cardano NFT community. This is NOT a streamed event! New players are welcome & anyone who plays at least one session will receive an airdropped campaign attendance token CNFT.

If you’d like to join, send plz a DM to us on twitter

Hot Topics

[What’s got the community in a buzz? This is the gossip section lol. Comments by Summer Harsgraave]

Ada Pepper’s Beyond Rockets Adaville Collection

LOVIN this collection by Ada Pepper aka @DiamondAP2005. Beyond Rockets is one of my absolute fav projects that makes me feel like a kid and this is one where I can see myself buying that many as well! We def want to get her on the show sometime. Lovin that Villa Blanco. We have the same Sunnyside house! Really wish we’d gotten some night one bc the lighting is tops! Night Ascent is gorgeous too. What a fun sale!

Fahadouken Bullbud update

He says “No other way but up… Congrats to both buyer and seller. You probably won’t find a bull seller for under 100k any more now.

I can confirm on I’ve been seeing plenty of bulls listed for 500,000 ADA!

Crossover Episode — Digital faces with Mortals

First crossover episode with Digital Mortal and With Faces called digital mortals we talked with Charles Gitnick who has done an insane amount of collabs in the community. (Insert list Ty gathered?) the piece he made for the show called no price tag on happiness sold for 419 Ada. A BARGAIN, but still I had to stop bidding once it hit 400.

The promos we made for each other for the show and the bidding war I got into and lost. I WILL WIN AN AUCTION I SAY!

Cardano Comics did a Fahadouken Cover!!

Edition 5 will feature @FahadoukenNFT on the cover of Daredevil Vol. 2 Issue #3!! Many of you know Fahadouken has been supporting an immense amount of projects in this CNFT space! Collectors who are afraid to join CNFTs need only look to him to know there is value in this space!

Contests and Giveaways

Cardano Mythos Multi-Server Rare NFT Giveaway Ball

The #cmythos policy ends Aug 8 16:46UTC. Unsold will be gone 4ever! So it’s time for the Discord Metaversal Mythos Ball. Let’s celebrate & say final g’byes to this awesome #cnft collec. w/ a massive RARE giveaway event across 8 different Discord Servers! Including:… Glitch Creation Dexoworlds Beyond Rockets Deadpxlz Cryptoknitties isladiwa Touréguide Never Engine

Drop It Like It’s Hot!

[Upcoming drops & ongoing sales]

Cardano Mythos

The #cmythos policy ends Aug 8 16:46UTC. Unsold will be gone 4ever!

So far the project has raised over 4,800 Ada for charity! Never Engine is donating 20% of each sale to the @LAKidsRights, who handles 90% of the public defense for children in the New Orleans justice system ♥

Yummi Universe

Get ready for Yummi’s biggest drop to date

Boxed & Unboxed Figurines (S1 Designs 02–07)

They were the first CNFT project to release Digital Vinyl figurines, so don’t miss out on the chance to add these original pieces to your collection.

Coming soon.


The Plasma Lamps have come and gone but the next BLOC drop is happening on August 11th. BLOCK 4 @ 22UTC — BLOCKS might change unexpectedly so it’s best to keep and eye on them for clues/hidden NFTS — Keep an eyes on these blocks on this psychedelic space journey, comrades! Also Crypties got the build your own lamp prize from the vault and made a BADASS Crypties lamp.

Space Invaders

SOL 1 | Drops August 8, 2021 |

“Space Invader” is a collection of NFTs on Cardano’s blockchain. Each design is a unique NFT minted once. Each NFT will be auctioned publicly. Chapter 1 will include 20 NFTs.

Cardano Waifus

Drops August 6, 2021 til August 7th | Starting bid 10 ADA

“We create unique Waifus: each of them is a one-only limited and personalized art piece. No procedural generation, just creative artists doing what they love.”

Mycelial Pioneers

Big Pey partnered with Projekt 31 ADA

We are a brand new digital gallery space running on the Cardano blockchain. We are passionate about mycology and believe that fungi play a crucial role in the future of technology, our species and our planet. Which is why we are compelled to give a portion of our profits to research groups that further our understanding.

Collect them all and you can burn them and get a secret ultra rare.

Ellie Murphy
Ellie Murphy, an artist on MAD in Art will be dropping two more fine art pieces this weekend. These pieces will be from her new Boxing series which will be launching on the 8th of August at 21 UTC. She recently did an interview with the guys from MAD in Art to talk about her artwork.
Her art is on the front page
MAD Art Interview with her

Projects Available Now that you might not realize are for sale!

Lovelace Saga stale ongoing

Isladiwa — 8 ADA or 3- 24 ADA or 5- 40 ADA

CryptoPetz 15 ADA

HYPE skulls 200 ADA

The Atomic Heroes 20 ADA

Time Trotters

Cmythos 35 ADA

Hash Guardians 44 ADA

Jetchicken 20 ADA for a pack

Nifty Teddy 12 ADA

Politikoz 10 ADA

Trybbles 25 ADA

Projects To Watch

We have our eye on these up and coming projects & we think you should too!

A Discovery — Process Breakdown — Smitty Studio

I love behind the scenes and I really enjoyed hearing his process. He actually painted it digitally inspired by a Hubert Robert painting and then did some Blender 3d modelling magic (AND MUCH MORE!) and made a super interesting video of the process. I’d love to own this one! Smitty’s work often sells for a high price tag so I hope I can get it!


This project has excellent story and art. Their policy id is on the site! Score!
Drop coming soon! August 20th the main sale will start. It’ll consist of packs with randomized common and rare cards. Card pack 50, 220, 420 but after august they increase to 60 250 500. When you buy a pack you can also pull a Jolly card which serve as tickets in raffles to win epic and legendaries.


Drop coming soon!

Onadracs is Cardanos

Fabul Art

We’ve heard drops are coming soon but can’t find any dates. Luxury eggs and more!


V excited about this one! We did a walkthrough on the show.

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